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Chantelle Lee is certainly one of the fastest growing young artists in the music scene today. Starting her journey at just thirteen, she has continued to prove herself as a dynamic artist through both international success and her determined nature. Being featured front cover of Asia's no.1 teen magazine - Justeen Magazine, Chantelle has over half a million followers across her social media, catching the attention rapper Jay Z's who has followed Chantelle's development.

Born and raised in Singapore, Chantelle has spent most of her years travelling around the globe as an international student. Being determined to break the market with her unique brand of pop music, whilst continuing her education as a scholar student, she thrives through hardwork and pressure. Her songwriting and music are therapeutic to her stress, having a pure and unfiltered talent for singing and songwriting beyond her teenage years. Naughty Boy, Martin Garrix, Sigma, JR Blender and Alan Glass are just a few of the many producers collaborating with her gift. Not only are her hit melodies spreading like wildfire but her natural flare in dance, acting and modelling has renowned Chantelle the ultimate triple threat.

Ranked as the top 10 biggest new millennials to look out for by NOW Magazine, it is certain that Chantelle's stardom will continue to grow with her debut album launch and worldwide tour. 



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